Kids Week

I have been advertising Kids Week on my newsletter for many years but it was only until this year that I had a reason to take advantage of it.

I had a look ahead of release of tickets to get an idea of what I wanted to take Bug to and what would be suitable. In the end, I went with a story that we knew because we have read it a lot and she was almost 3 so this was age appropriate as well.

We went to see The Tiger Who Came To Tea at the Piccadilly Theatre. It was a great show and just the right length (55 minutes) for the age group they were catering to.

So what is Kids Week? It is a month (August) where you get a free children's ticket for every full paying adult. You pay half price for up to two additional children. I think this is great because it makes going to the theatre more accessible and the shows that they have available are some of the biggest ones around!

Because these tickets are such a bargain, they go very quickly. I was in the middle of Dorset on my phone trying to get tickets for nearly an hour.

I will definitely be going again. When Bug is older, we will make it a whole day out. I would suggest something like going to the National History Museum and then going to a 1 pm show just because the lines at the National History Museum are so long unless you go first thing.

   All the Best!

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