Seeing Seals with Bean's Boats

I knew I had a few days of holiday to use up before term started and I would not be able to go anywhere.

So I looked into several places to go and settled on North Norfolk. I was going to be going alone with Bug and didn't want to travel too far. I don't go out this far as we still plan around her nap and 2 hours in a car straight isn't my ideal day out. As you know, I would rather make it a long stay and see more, saving money in the long run.

I thought Bug is getting to the age where seeing seals would be fun for her. I went with Bean's Boats as I have used them before. I called and reserved a space and you pay cash on the day. I am happy I did this because they were full when I got there.

The trip is about an hour. The times they headed out are dictated by the tide. Dogs and children are welcome on the boats. We had a great time!

More pictures here.

After this we went for a walk on the paths near here and had lunch at the cafe.

If you are an National Trust member, you don't need to pay for parking but you should get a ticket with your card.

All the Best!

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