5 things I am looking forward to in November

I feel everything is gearing up for Christmas but here are a few things I am doing this month:

  1. Bonfire Burn 10k- this happens in my village and  I have been running with some colleagues so I think I will do okay.
  2. Taking part in the People's Procession- I am one of 10,000 people that have been selected to take part to celebrate 100 years since the end of World War I.
  3. Ely Christmas Fair- I have not been to this yet but have heard great things!
  4. Winter Lights at Angelesey Abbey- This is an event I go to every year. It is a bit expensive but worth it in my opinion. It is sold out- so make sure you buy your tickets next year, they usually go on sale in July.
  5. Thanksgiving with my family- I ordered my turkeys (one for Thanksgiving and Christmas) and thinking about the bits I need to get. I don't get the day off here but have it the weekend following Christmas like most of the American expats I know. My family happily comes over to spend the day with us.

How are you spending November?

All the Best!

American to Britain