Buying Bedding in the UK

I hadn't really thought about buying bedding over here but then again, I hadn't bought any since 2006 when I went to China for a long weekend before I left Korea.

I saw some comments in a group about how hard it was to buy bedding here and particularly a flat sheet.

Recently I bought a new duvet cover set because the silk ones from China were so cold this time of year. So I guess I am writing tips or my comments:

  • I have been persuaded to prefer duvet covers over comforters. It makes washing the sheets so much easier- the comforter would be the only thing to fit in the washer and dryer. Now I can wash all the towels, sheets from my and Bug's bed. We dry everything together except the duvet cover when we can't line dry.
  • Here is a chart for converting your bedding.
  • I bought my set online from Next which might have made it easier (I didn't get a flat sheet but did see them available!).
  • You will struggle to find comforter sets. In Europe, it is more common to have a duvet set which will only come a cover for the duvet and pillow case (or two depending on the size).
  • Any sheets or pillow cases are then bought separately- one way to look at it is that you can make the set personalized, unless you are indecisive like I am! I have seen Primark that does sell the sheets in a set.
  • If you are struggling on places to find places to buy sheets from, i have made a list of the places I looked at when I was shopping around:

  • Argos

  • Debenhams

  • Dunelm

  • John Lewis

  • Matalan

  • Next

  • Primark

  • All the Best!

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    1. Love your blog! Did you know Target will ship to the UK? Personally I love their sheets. ;)


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