Get your child's birthday card read on Cbeebies

We are huge Cbeebies fans in my house. I particularly like the lack of advertisements on any BBC channel and the quality of shows are pretty good, well except for Baby Jake, I am not fond of that show but Bug is!

Any ways, they read birthday cards throughout the day and so I decided that I would do one for Bug in hopes to get it read out on air.

You can see the information here from the Cbeebies on their instructions.

Do not make such a big card. I did made one that is A2 (standard poster board size) which any normal person would think was too big anyways but I hadn't really thought about how it was going to get there as they can not be rolled up. So I had to tape two pieces of cardboard together to keep it flat.

And because it was so big, it cost me a fortune to send it. So next year, I will stick to the motto "the smaller, the better".

Since we were not going to be home all day, we set the set-top box to record the shows at the prescribed times on the website. It caught the bits in between shows and we watched it back. I was so excited when I saw my card but Bug wasn't as impressed as I was and talked through it each time I played it back.

The things we do for our children!

All the Best!

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