London to Cambridge Bike Ride

Jane and I took part in the London to Cambridge bike ride in 2011. It is a 60 mile bike ride that begins with Pickett's Lock (outside of London) and ends at Midsummers Common.

We met some lovely girls from Lakenheath while we were waiting to get on our bus and they must have kept up a good pace as we never saw them again :)

I have been training in the sense that I ride my bike to and from work and around Cambridge. I am also a keen runner so I was hoping that I would be in good enough shape to get me through this.

Jane loves long walks and did cycle for an hour a day leading up to the event.

It was a really great experience. The weather was fabulous. It was so motivating seeing the amount of people who were taking part, especially the people I inspired to take part like Dean (All Star Cleaning, window cleaner for my shop) and the guys I used to work with at Amino.

My father-in-law also took part on the Marshalls team. My husband and a family friend are looking to take part that is if my husband can get a few days off work (he has a arthritis in his ankle due to a work-related accident- 2.5 ton cherry picker falling on his leg) and the family friend has to get the okay after surviving cancer.

I would love to do this again and again.

Looking for a challenge? Get a team together and tackle this :)

All the Best!

American to Britain