ZSL Whipsnade

I received some vouchers for a day out from my sister-in-law and found Whipsnade Zoo on the list!

I had heard of this zoo through a friend so thought we could go there. It is about an hour and 20 minutes drive from Cambridge.

When you arrive, you can pay for parking or park in the free parking which is only a short walk up the hill.

We arrived here at 11 am and left around 3:30pm only because we didn't want dinner to run late. So could have spent 10-4 here easily.

I absolutely loved the Butterfly House. "ZSL Whipsnade Zoo’s Butterfly House is one of the largest butterfly biomes of any UK Zoo." You can see all sorts of butterflies and the cocoons in a building. It made it feel magical.

The playground was amazing, Bug really enjoyed. We ate our picnic here and then played a bit. They do have food facilities here so you can have a coffee and food whilst they play.

We also took the Jumbo Express around the zoo. I loved that we could see wallabys everywhere because they broke out of their area.

I felt that this zoo was laid out differently from others. Most seem to take you on path through all the areas. This one had a paths all around so you could miss out other areas. But good if you need to head out. I suppose you could use the free bus to ensure you cover more ground.

If you like zoos, you should come here. If I lived closer I would get a seasonal pass.

Book your tickets online the day before to save 10% on your tickets.
 All the Best!

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