English Heritage Pitstops

I am of the mind that it is not very good for children (or adults) to be in the car for too long at anyone given time.

I plan on stops every so often just to break up the journey and prevent frustration from being confined to the car. Recently I have been scheduling in English Heritage stops to do this. It's really nice to walk around these sites, reading the plaques and seeing Bug run around amongst history. She really seems to enjoy it. We do watch Horrible Histories sometimes and so it allows me to explain what they were in context.

Some recent places we stopped at are:

North Elmham Chapel- this was on our way back from Norfolk. I don't think the pictures do it justice.   But worth a stop if you are near Dereham.

Weeting Castle- So close to the bases and Brandon so really no excuse popping in quickly. I also love the church nearby as it has an unusual round tower (common for East Anglia).

Baconsthrope Castle- We spent quite a while here walking around the outside and checking out the Cormorant (a big bird I have never seen before).

Blakeney Guildhall- Only open at reasonable daylight hours but worth a pop in if you are in Blakeney. Go crabbing afterwards. NT parking lot across the street.

All the Best!

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