Horsey Beach

Seals can be seen at this beach all year round. During the time that they are having their pups December to February, the beach can have up to 8,000 seals there. At that time, you can only go on the top of the sand dunes because if people get too close, the mothers will abandon their pups.

We went in April and there were still 350 around.

Do not take your dogs here and if you do, keep them on the lead.

The seal warden also said that people had asked him how to make the seals stay still so they could put their child on them for a picture. These are wild animals and should be treated as such. You should stay 3 metres (9 feet) away from them.

Read this information before visiting.

Tie in your visit here with a a visit to th Horsey Windpump, a National Trust property.

All the Best!

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