There is so much around to collect and make things with that I thought I would share. I get my elderberry and elderflowers from my garden. I can easily find blackberries and apples on the daily walk I go on with Bug and Dusty. I also know where some areas are for other items like sloes grow which I hope to make slow gin for Christmas for my sisters-in-law. My old neighbours give me pears from their garden. So I am a bit spoiled for choice! I love this time of year.

Here are some resources to find where some foraging can be done (thanks Michelle!)
Falling Fruit
Fruit Trees in Cambridge

One main tip is not to collect items on busy roads. Not only for your safety but because the fruits will have been exposed to a lot of pollution. Also don't pick things lower than your knee in case of dogs peeing on them!

Here are some good tips from the Woodlands Trust.

If you are unsure what you are picking or want to know more about what to forge, Google foraging classes. There are some at Brandon Country Park and there are others in the local area.

Best of al its free!

 All the Best!

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