PYO Apples at Sandringham

I went to Sandringham to pick my own apples while my mom was visiting.  It was a great day out. If you head as you would do to Sandringham, you will soon pick up on PYO Apple signs directing you towards the site. There are two kinds of apples, Bramley (cooking) and Cox (eating). You take a bag that they provide and go pick your own apples and bring them back to be weighed. It was only £1.20 per kg which is a bargain!

There are portaloos and a picnic table but not much more as it is an orchard. Dogs are allowed but not on the grounds of the orchards.

I tied this in with a visit to Sandringham which is free for the active duty member as I felt it was a long way (1.5 hours from my house) to drive to only pick apples. There is a coffee shop, proper toilets, a playground and a gift shop there. There are a lot of walks out this way to take on the outside of the Sandringham house grounds.

So pack a lunch and make a day of it!

See more pictures here.

All the Best!

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