Thursford Christmas Spectacular and Santa's Magic Journey

I was trying to recall where I heard about this place and show but I am unsure how it came up on my radar. I think it was when it was reported that Kate Middleton took Prince George there. Anyways I am very happy that it did.

The Thursford Christmas Spectacular is the 'largest Christmas show in the country'! It is so popular that coaches (greyhound buses) drive people from all over the country to attend this show. You must book early, as in the year before, to get tickets.  I would suggest if you are driving from far away to book the 2 pm show if you can because it took Mr B and I 1.5 hours to drive there so it made a very long night for us.

There are over 130 performers, many who come from the West End for this show. The show begin in early November and end just before Christmas. The show itself has a little bit of everything, singing, dancing and a funny host! It was a great way to get into a Christmas mood!

Thursford Collection also has the Santa's Magic Journey where you go through a display of great puppets and Christmas scenes before you get to see Santa. I thought it was adorable and Bug would have loved it!

Outside of the Christmas season, it also hosts the largest steam engine and organ collection. It has a carousel and gondola.

There are food facilities onsite. It was a bit expensive so I do suggest eating beforehand if you can. We couldn't since we were coming such a long way but I highly recommend having some mulled wine.

We really enjoyed this place and hope to come again with Bug when she is older!

See my pictures here.

All the Best!

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