Order of the Garter

A huge ceremony takes place every year at Windsor Castle for the Garter Service that dates back to 1348. New knights take an oath and are invested with the insignia of the Order of Garter. There are only 24 knights and one can only be replaced when one has passed away. The Queen and the knights wear blue velvet robes, black velvet hats and white plumes (feathers). Also the Military Knights of Windsor who are retired and live in Windsor Castle take part as well. It is a great chance to see the royals!
Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Prince Charles

I like that Windsor feels more that it is a living community rather than a museum. There are almost 100 people that live here.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip

You can see more pictures of when I went in 2014 here.

A limited number of tickets is available for members of the public to stand inside the precincts of Windsor Castle and watch the procession to St. George's Chapel. Apply between 1 Jan and 1 March by sending an email to Garter day info@royal.gsx.gov.uk.

This is a service so its best to be respectful and quiet while it goes on. It is also a a great day out. Get there for 11 am to join the queue but they do not pack people like sardines so you can bring a camping chair and a pack a picnic (not a large basket) and enjoy. It is all very civilized. Also its free!

 For more information please see this linkAll the Best!

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