2nd Air Divison USAAF Memorial Library

I came across the 2nd Air Division USAAF Memorial Library when I was researching my final paper for my B.A. During my time here, I never really understood the impact that Americans had over here particularly during World War 2. This library was a great resource for me and I think that it is worth a visit if you are in the area to help understand how thankful people really are. So if you are doing research this is a great place to start!

Memorial Library is truly unique and owes its existence to an idea put forward by three of the commanding officers who were with the 2nd Air Division during WWII.  They wanted to leave behind a memorial to the servicemen who were KIA but wanted it to be different and special, something that would also benefit the local population as well as being somewhere servicemen and women could return to with their families post war.

The money they collected was invested and 'looked after' by a board of Trust Governors until it was decided how and when it could be put to best use.  The result was an American library with a specialist WWII collection of books and 2nd Air Division Roll of Honor and also a range of books about American life and culture.

During the short time the 2nd AD were based in Norfolk the bonds of friendship that started then were very intense and have lasted over time and that period in history is still of great interest to local people, especially the older generation who were children during WWII.
Over the years since the Memorial library has been in existence many Americans have visited and the 2nd Air Division Association (created post war) supported the library (and continue to)  in many ways and the legacy remains.  They still have a board of Trust Governors with American representation.

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