I heard about Camden from my sister-in-law who lived in London for many years and I thought I would head out that way to check it out.

The market you see here started in 1971 when they started leasing out some unused buildings to craft workshops. This grew into the markets you see today.

If you are looking for independent shops this is the place you want to go. This is a huge market, the kind you would picture in your head and has over 500 ‘shops’ that range from vintage clothes to lovely crafts. There also cafes mixed with antique shops. Great fun and gets very busy on the weekends as that is most people's day off!

If you get off the tube at Camden town and walk to Chalk Farm underground, you will be able to mingle throughout the stalls.

Definitely worth the visit! Not really child friendly as the stalls are very close together (kind of like in markets see around the world-reminds me of Korea). Use the information on this website.

All the Best!

American to Britain