Is the water safe to drink in the UK?

This question was asked in a forum that I participate in. At first I chuckled to myself but then I think I know where the question came from. In the Inprocessing briefing, the presenters advise that you only drink from taps that say the water is drinkable.

The truth is most of the water is drinkable the only occasions I have ever seen where it says not to drink (like in the picture) from the tap is in the bathroom of various buildings. But that is the only place I have seen it.

When you fill your glass up, it might be a bit cloudy but its due to the excess gas. It is advised that you not drink from the hot water as there might be higher levels of copper in them.

This also reminded me of a story I heard from another American who has lived here for 12 years and when she went to Paris with her American friends and they brought bottled water with them!

All the Best!

American to Britain