Grantchester Boxing Day Barrel Racing

Most people attend some sort of sporting activity or go for a walk on Boxing Day. It is a time to relax and digest your Christmas dinner.

In Grantchester, outside of Cambridge, they have an annual event of barrel racing. It begins at noon and takes place on the high street. It lasts about an hour long.

The racing started in 1960 and had a recent revival in the past ten years. The four pubs of the village have a men and women's team made up of the staff.

It is very lively and great fun! They also raise money for charity so please be sure to bring some change.

Read the safety rules because you will need them. Sorry for the language in the video but Dusty and I had been nearly ran over twice! Stay behind the bales of hay!

 Pictures also posted here.

Afterwards, everyone heads to the pubs!

All the Best!

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