Let's talk about mould/mold

Mold is another topic that frequently pops up in the FB groups as it appears to be something that many people did not experience when they lived in the States.

Condensation is is the biggest contribution to mold. This means if you are drying clothes on airing racks, you need to open the window to allow the moisture to escape.

You need to open the window and close a door or allow the extractor fan to run in the bathroom a long time after a shower to allow the moisture to escape.

Make sure that your furniture is at least 50mm away from the wall to allow air to circulate. Also don't over stuff your cabinets because it will promote mold to grow.

When you are cooking, put the lids on the pans and run the extractor fan.

Open the window to your bedroom for 15 minutes every day. Older homes naturally have ventilation through the fireplace and draughty windows but newer homes with double glazed windows need them to be opened regularly to all moisture to escape.

If your mold is not caused by condensation but rather leaking pipe, rain seeping in from the roof or raising damp from the floor, you will need to correct this issue and then tackle the mold.

All the Best!

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