Banham Zoo

We recently went to Banham Zoo as I found a "Kids Go Free" voucher and the weather has been great.

We arrived about 10:30 and did not leave until 15:30- so plenty to see!

The park itself is not huge but there is so much to see.

I highly recommend seeing the Amazing Animal show.

Bug got a map to stamp so that she could get a medal which she was very proud of.

I thought about the annual pass which gets you into Banham Zoo and Africa Alive and 50% off of other zoos in the East Anglian area. If we lived nearer to the Mildenhall area, then it would be a no brainer but we just don't live close enough. You don't have to make the decision before you go as they will apply the amount you paid on the day towards your membership.

They have cafe facilities but we stopped off at Sainsbury on the way  to get some bits for lunch.

They have a playground and Farm Barn so you can feed some goats.

My favourite part was the Lemur enclosure where they were just walking around. I was a bit upset at the people who disregarded the rules about touching them.

Overall, I highly recommend this zoo as a local option. The animals are well cared for which is important to me.

Bug is already asking to go back.

All the Best!

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