London Transport Museum

The London Transport Museum is located in Covent Garden. I was looking for something to do after we went to see the Gruffalo (we got tickets from the Kids Week sale).

Bug just wanted to go home but I had already bought my ticket. It saves money booking online and children are free. Also your ticket allows you to go as many times as you like in a year so we had to collect our ticket anyway.

Once we collected it, shared a burger from Shake Shack, we headed in and I was amazed!

They have a free cloakroom which was great because it really allowed us to enjoy the whole place.

As you can imagine, it is all things transport. There are a lot of hands-on things like driving bus which is so cool for all children and makes for a great picture if you can get them to look up!

They have a clever stamping system to get the children to move around the museum as well. We only spent 2 hours here because someone was getting tired and we had to head back to catch our train but definitely will pop in the next time we come to London!

All the Best!

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