How I shop for groceries

I think I have been here too long as I forget how different even grocery shopping is here. I think click and collect is becoming more common but having your groceries delivered to your house is not so common.

I have to say that I am not a huge shopper and I work 5 days a week so my time is limited so these are the ways I shop to save myself time and money. I am also trying to reduce my impact on the planet and reduce my food waste. Doesn't work for everyone but these are some things that I have adjusted my lifestyle to make things work.

  1. I shop at my local butchers. We buy a majority of our meat through the butcher in my village. The quality is the best of all options and when comparing prices at the grocery stores is very competitive. I usually buy in bulk (my butcher does a weekly deal) and I freeze what I don't think we will use in the next few days. I also do freezer meals so will ask the butcher to prepare large amounts of mince (ground beef) which I will use to make large batches of Shepards pie, lasagnas and meatballs.
  2. I have my milk delivered to my house. At the moment I use Milk and More who also have a variety of other items. I buy the milk for my daughter and husband as I am allergic to cow's milk and soya and make my own oat milk.
  3. I would love to go every week to the market but I don't have time and as I live outside of Cambridge, it is not convenient so I recently signed up  with Cambridge Fruit Company for a basic fruit and vegetable box. If you are not in the Cambridge area, I know people who use Abel & Cole. Again I had a look at what I am paying and the prices are very similar.
  4. For buying herbs and spices, I buy in bulk and I like to go to Daily Bread in Cambridge. I also love this place because it has other items which less plastic i.e. cloth pads, the toothpaste I am using etc. 
  5. I have my groceries delivered to my house about once a month or every other month. During the lockdown, I decided I could go to the store so others could have those slots but now I am back to having it come to my home. I think it also helps with budgeting as there is less temptation. I usually get my frozen and canned items this way. If I don't have it delivered, I arrange for click and collect. 
  6. During the week or for little things, I head to my Co-op. I think people are used to corner shops being expensive like in the US but the Co-op and Tescos Express are just mini grocery stores. The Co-op in my opinion has the highest quality out of all the grocery stores. This is also another place that I will get my meat.
Hope this helps!

All the Best!

American to Britain